Monday, April 2, 2012

Question : Need the answer to below questions

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Question : Need the answer to below questions please send the answer to

Karishma Sabharwal

Hello SQA people

I would like to learn loadUI and soapUI.

Please send me links material for any of the following topics

Installing SoapUI

Installing a Local Web Service

Testing Web Services with SoapUI

Creating TestSuites, TestCases and TestSteps

Data-Driven Testing

Parameterization of Data (TextFile, Excel & DataBase)

DataSource, DataSourceLoop, DataSink Test Steps

JDBC Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server Database

Parameterization of Response and Assertion Testing

Writing Scripts using Groovy Code

Creating Mock Services

Load-Testing with SoapUI

Running SoapUI from the Command Line

Running SoapUI from Ant

Integration with external tools SoapUI & Eclipse

Analyzing test results with SoapUI Reporting
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