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Hi -Five | Automation Testing | On Going

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 Hi -Five | Automation Testing | On Going
Description: HiFive_Blue_H.png
Automation Testing - On Going
Drive Location
Bangalore Campus
Job Code: RR-1413
Experience: 3- 5 years
Designation: Senior Product Engineer
Location: Bangalore
Job Summary: This role requires a person to be working on Automation testing. Develop and execute automated test suites using selenium and integrate test suite to test management system; Develop and execute test cases for a web application throughout the full life cycle of the software
Key Responsibilities:
1.    Work with the development team to reuse automated unit test cases, test    stubs and drivers, and other development test objects
2.    Work with the team to create and maintain an automated smoke test and  regression test suite
3.    Ensure proper version control and configuration management of all test scripts developed and test environments used
4.    Develop test cases in accordance to the specifications
5.    Maintain existing test cases and other documents
6.    Adhere to the processes
7.    Communicate effectively within and outside team
8.    Initiative in learning new techniques and technologies
9.    Maintain documentation as appropriately required on the project
10.  Setup and maintain test lab for the project
11.  Impact analysis of change requests and defect fixes
12.  Product release to customer
Technical Skills:
1.    Ability to write automated test scripts using Selenium
3.    Strong background in web application testing
4.    Ability to covert requirements into solid test cases to provide better testing coverage
5.    Basic knowledge of windows and working knowledge of SQL queries
6.    Ability to grep application/server logs for exceptions
7.    Ability to verify and validate the web based applications
8.    Good knowledge on defect tracking and management
9.    Ability to write object oriented code
10.  Knowledge of DB client and SQL and also ability to understand/read XML schema
11.  Knowledge of application deployment
Soft Skills:
1.    Strong written and verbal communication skills
2.    Good team player
3.    Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills
Please upload profiles against RR-1413, for further clarifications write to Sharath  
Description: HiFive_Blue_F.png
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