Monday, April 16, 2012

Employee Referral Program - Weekend Drive in Bangalore for entry level skills in .Net Frame work 3.5/4, C#,, LINQ, WCF, SQL Server 2008, AJAX, Java Script DELL


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   Dropping names here is encouraged...
   and rewarded.
Identify potential candidates for the positions listed below from your existing social networks, and you may be rewarded if your friend is selected for a position. And in turn your friend will appreciate it too.
Note that there is a special drive this Saturday in the Bangalore Office (Whitefield) for the referred candidates. Shortlisted candidates will be informed by the designated recruiter.
Job Title
Job Specifics
Software development Analyst
2.5-5 years experience in .Net Frame work 3.5/4, C#,, LINQ, WCF, SQL Server 2008, AJAX, Java Script
To refer a friend for any of these roles, do the following
1.    Check the online portal here. Use the requisition numbers in the respective search box to locate the positions easily.
2.    Review the job description of the requisition you want to refer your friends for.
3.    Click the link on the right hand side of the page which says ‘Refer a Friend’.
4.    Make sure you put in as much information as possible on the referral candidate. The more there is, the easier it is for the recruiter to accurately review the profile.
5.    To know what referral amount you are entitled to review the table here (dell portal link here) . Click on ‘Learn More’ below to know more about the ERP program.
6.      Note that unless you update your referral on CD, you will not get a payout for a successful referral. Make sure you tag the referral to a relevant job to make their candidature more visible to the recruiter and hiring manager.
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