Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Job in Amazon.com

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Job in Amazon.com

Hi team,
Here is an opportunity to be a part of amazon.com
The domain is “Customer Service”.
People who are looking only for the Technical Field don’t need to respond.
But Amazon Customer Service is great department to work. You don’t feel you are working in “Customer Service”.
Package would be more or equal to 1.54 L.P.A.
If you are skilled enough you can try for the internal transfer after getting the job. But you should be 1 year with Amazon before applying for internal transfer.
People who are interested send in your resumes to my email address. So that I will refer you.
I can assure you that you will not be bored or feel regret in future of working if you get the opportunity.
If you have any queries reach out to me at mchintap@amazon.com or venkatsarma88@gmail.com or 98851 789 76.

I will be online from 3PM-12AM daily except (Sta,Sun). You can knock at my end in this time for any support.
Murthy C.
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