Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Openings for Java ( 3 to 11 years ) @ FIS chandigarh,Bangalore,Chennai

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Openings for Java ( 3 to 11 years ) @ FIS chandigarh,Bangalore,Chennai

This is not for freshers so freshers please do not send resume.
Please only send resume in case the JD matches your profile
Send resume to mentioning year of experience in the skill along with skill set in the subject line along with current location.
Job # 1
Java Architect ( 7 -11 Years)
Job Location - Chennai
1) Multi threaded concepts
2) Architectural quality attributes
3) J2EE and Web Services
4) Javascript
5) Spring Framework ( all the skills are mandatory) and from Oustation only Bangalore candidates are applicable
Job # 2
Java Developers (3.5 - 7 Years)
Job location - Chandigarh
Experience in:
• Java, J2EE
• JSTL, Struts, Spring, Hibernate
• Oracle database
• Glassfish application server desirable
• Good communication skills
Job # 3
Java with Touch Point experience
Job Location - Bangalore
- 4 - 8 yrs of Java/J2EE experience
- TPSS experience is a must, Banking domian is must
Job # 4
Java with Xpress experience
Job Location - Bangalore
Java with Xpress experience:
- 3 - 8 yrs of Java/J2EE, J2EE, Web Services experience
- XES experience is a must, banking domain is must
Job # 5
Java Script & CSS Developers
Job Location - Bangalore
JavaScript (expert, needs to know DOM, differences therein between browsers, cross-browser scripting where necessary)
JSP (needs to know scopes, working with JSP variables vs JavaScript)
Eclipse/running a web project therein using Tomcat

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