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5.SAP HR Questions and faq's, tips

SAP HR Questions
Which characteristics does a day with day type 1 have?
It’s OFF and Paid
Can a posting run be deleted?
Yes It can be reversed before the Bank transfer. Once the transfer is done the payments need to be adjusted in the next payments.
What activities are possible when the payroll control record is set to “Released for Payroll "?
When you set the status to Released for pay roll "' you can’t make any changed to master data. It’s actually released for pay roll
How does the system know when to trigger retroactive accounting for a particular employee?
You have to mention the retro active accounting date in IT 0003 in the relevant field. Other wise it will take the earliest hiring date.
Is it possible to branch directly from the payroll log to maser data and time data maintenance?
Yes you can go in a separate sessions.
How to create payroll area, pay scale types and levels for different employee group and subgroup?
To create Payroll Area you need to go to PM-PA-Organization Assignment - Create Payroll Area-Check Default Payroll Area To create Pay scale Type and Pay scale Area u need to follow: PM-PA-Payroll Data-Check Pay scale type/ Check Payscale Area Payscale Levels and groups are created while doing the step Revise Payscale groups and levels and Define Salary ranges.
How can we create customer specific infotype? ie starts from 9000 - 9999. Need the navigation path. Please tell the full detail of this topic. How to create a HR infotype?
1) Go to Transaction PM01.
2) Enter the custom Infotype number which you want to create (Should be a 4 digit number, start with 9).
3) Select the `Employee Infotype' radio button.
4) Select the `PS Structure Infotype'.
5) Click on Create. A separate table maintenance window appears.
6) Create a PS structure with all the fields you want on the Infotype
7) Save and Activate the PS structure
8) Go back to the initial screen of PM01.
9) Click on `All' push button. It takes a few moments.
10) Click on `Technical Characteristics' . Infotype list screen appears
11) Click on `Change'(pencil) button
12) Select your Infotype and click on `Detail' (magnifying glass) button
13) Give `T591A' as subtype table
14) Give `T591S' as subtype txt tab
15) Give your subtype field as subtype field
16) Save and come back to PM01 initial screen
17) Click on `Infotype Characteristics' . Infotype list screen appears
18) Click on `Change' (pencil) button
19) Click on `New Entries'
20) Enter your Infotype number and short text
21) Here we have to set different Infotype Characteristics as per the requirement. (Better open another session with some standard Infotype's infotype characteristics screen and use as the reference to fill yours)
22) Save your entries.
23) Now the Infotype is created and ready to use.
24) If you want to change the layout of the Infotype as per your requirement.
25) In the PM01 initial screen.Select `Screen' radio button and give 2000 as the screen name, then click on edit.
26) In the next screen.. Select `Layout Editor' and click `Change'.
27) Screen default layout you can design/modify the screen.. change the attributes of the fields. etc.
28) Save and activate. (Don't forget to `Activate at every level)
I need to enter a field in the field selection in tcode /nS_AHR_61016362.
Field to be added - TXSTA - Filing Status table - P0210
I am facing T503 problem after assigning all personnel area, employee group, Company code, subgroups etc.
May Be You had not activated Employee Attributes.
You can see all the Details are available in Table T503 Goto sm 30 and select maintanance then select T503_C you see whether your p.area and p.s.area and and E.S.Group are available are not if they are not available then you can assign there and save them
Do you know in OM -> copy plan version? Would copy plan version (Tcode:RE_RHCOPL00) also copying payroll RT, PA master data, user authorizations, Abap reporting, Abap queries and etc as well? Up to my understanding it should work only copy the OM's structure and objects (solely)... However for the rest of non OM/PD objects related and other HR modules, I have doubt on it. If this can be done, please advice HOW to go with?
This report is only for copying objects from one planversion to another planversion to keep updated structures.. ..Always only one plan version would be active which is current.... This report does not help to copy any masterdata.. .
Can anybody tell about Assignment part of HR.i.e. How sap HR is assigned with other modules.
1) Technically Assignment will called as Integrations. these integrations r two types 1. With in the HR Module ie between submodules (PA : OM, PA : REC)
plogi : plogi for integrating paln version
plogi : orga for integrating OM & PA
plogi : papli for integrating Recruitment & PA
See the Table: T77s0sc
2. With Other Modules ie (HR : FI)
T Code: T.CODE PC00_M99_CIPE
Path : wagetype->symbolic- >GL Code Assignment in the backend in both
HR and FI system
Result Tables & Cumulative Result Tables
How do I design the Indian Remuneration statement for the first time as the IN01 which is copied and renamed is showing blank.
After copying he IN01 form go into the form and click on the windows where you find so many entries to be made.
What actually happens in real time Recruitment?
Real Time in the sence of SAP or IT or Domain. You should have asked him the question, Ok it should be SAP for interview For SAP Consultant. Any company wants a sophisticated Work to be done and with more useful and accurate result even after spending more and more on EPR, So SAP Recruitment helps to Rect people of the client to get the exact people for not only their experience, with also Educatonal , Exp, Skills, Past experiance and all reqd areas with out enering all the data of the requirement.
As in normal people has to sit on the requirement of he position and then shorlist all the applications, it also helps to know the internal employees to call for intvs and the best way of shorlisting is going for Profile Match Ups, and reruitment is useful for integration with all other modules for PD, PY also for relevant reports and up gradations.
Even rect modules will be able to send the recruiter a POP up saying the Position is vacant and it should be filled with requirement.
I got struck in PB10 initial entry screen. While assigning personnel officer by default its showing the standard one like APPL's admin group only. Its now accepting what I have created under PA define admin group and I assigned under define admn group also (PINCH).
Once you assign your administrator group under PINCH, please check whether you activated or not and also check your groupings.
Dynamic Action
Here, you control the initiation of actions when maintaining an infotype record. This can be the maintenance of an additional infotype record or performing a routine. For each action, you can determine whether it is always carried out when
you change an infotype or a subtype or whether it is only carried out if you change certain fields.
You can state whether the action is to be carried out for "Change", "Create" and/or "Delete" record. You can store the conditions for executing the action, for example, the comparison of the old and new value of a field. Finally, you can also specify default values for a record that is to be created.
Automatic Triggering/Populating of Infotypes When Certain infotypes are Dynamically Maintained, Table = T5558Z
I am facing problem in PA40. While entering the inputs in Personal data in hiring action, I am having the field which is called " CUIL/ CUIT" ( Which it shows key field) . I do not know about this field and how to enter the data in this field. I would like to remove this field from personnel data. IIIly i am having one more field in Bank details in hiring action, I am having the field " Bank Key " I would like to know how to delete/ remove this field from the action, or else how to input the data in this field.
I don't know how to remove this field. But I can suggest you can hide this field by using the following path. Not only this you can hide any field in your screens.
SPRO-->personnel management-- >personnel administration- ->change
screen modifications; HERE
Mod.pool---- ------ MP000200
Screen ------------ 2000
Feature----- ------- P0002
Variable key----- 29
Alt.screen-- -------2029
Next screen------ 0
Then execute details, in 011 -- Q0002-CCUIL -- Worker identification code -- activate Hide checkbox.
You can use screen modifications and hide the field. after you hide it and save the settings, CCUIL will not be seen on the screen. Same procedure can be used for bank key too. for your information, the various field options are required field, optional field, hide etc.
Which time we have to consider while login time
1) swiping machine recorded time
2) System login time.
If an company is going for both the systems, first the company want to decided to go for swapping card system or system log in time, if you required the both, then you discuss with the time administrator to design for both, as per the company requirement the time administrator will decided.
Integrate SAP HR Admin to SAP SD module.
Integrate this using IT 0900 (Sales Data) so that person would be accessed in SD...
CAP GEMINI interview questions:
1.) How to make a wage type appear in the remuneration statement?
A )
2.) How did u transfer legacy data in the mid of the financial year (US) to SAP system?
A ) For mid year Go live SAP Supports with only transactions of HR and others but nor Finance, u should have asked the question to him, or replied by giving the INLK Schemas is used for Mid year Go Live or even a program is there for mid year go live,in the help CD, find IT.
3.) What is the order of tranfering legacy data? (Is OM first, PA second like that. ... and what data you have imported in OM and what data in PA....)
A ) Data transfer has to start from OM -- > PA ( All emp related modules as benefits,rect, training, PD,COmpn mgmt and others) --- > TM _---> Payroll. This is different from client to client and No standard is fixed to data transfer.
4.) LSMW??
A ) Legacy System Migration Workbench which is used for data transfer for any of the transactions which exist in SAP OR even which Customized by developers.
5.) What was your legacy system and how many digits were your personnel numbers are?
Legacy system you have to say the Details of Server names and numbers and Project details with onsite and offshore and follows. And personnel numbers are the size of the company (number of Employees) of client and depending on the requirement how many NUMKR Assignments you have done.
6) What did you do with symbolic accounts while posting payroll data to Accounting?
Symbolic accounts are used for transferring employee payables, wages, and other payment related details for finance, as to allocate the payment to be taken into account for Company GL Accounts and others. Posting of all the wage types is done through Symbolic Accounts. It does not send wage types to finance. Symbolic accounts are indirect integration between HR and FI.
7) How to DEBUG a payroll run???(This seems to be a very important one please give me answer)
DEBUG is done to check where and why the program is getting errors, processed or coming out of the program.
As you know this try with se38 give any program -- > press F8 and then F5.
You can see the debug screen where, why, what the program has been given break there.
What is the difference between PCR and CAP?
Ans) PCR.. Personnel calculation Rules Conditions that are written to the Schemas (in pay roll and TM). To edit them to met the specific requirement of the Clients Time and Wages evaluation.CAP is Collective Agreement Provision based on which the different groups of Employees are eligible for different kinds of pay scale structures and benefits and son on. CAP is based on the following components :
1) Pay scale type
2) Pay scale area
3) Employee subgroup grouping for CAP
4) Pay Scale Group and Pay Scale Level
2. How do you run payroll?
Ans) There are the steps to run the pay roll
a) Simultaion.. to see wheather everything is fine or not
b) Release Pay roll( here you are actually changing the staus in the pay roll control reord)
c) Start pay roll
d) Check the pay roll
e) Correction and Exit the pay roll
3. How do your correct payroll?
Ans) In the pay roll log you would see the errors or thriugh the Check tpay roll and make necessary correction in Corrections (PC00_M99_PA03_CORR)
4. If I want to include some more wage types, say bonus from today. How should I do that?
Ans) you have to configure those wage types.
5. What is meant by payroll area? What are the uses of payroll area?
Ans) Pay roll area indicates group of Employees for whom pay roll is run at the same time.*Payroll can be run* separately for different employee groups, using different payroll areas which payroll area the employee belongs to depends organizational assignment. Employees, who belong to different company codes can, also be grouped in the same payroll area. Sap recommends having as less no pay roll areas as possible.
6. What is meant by a control record.
Ans) It controls the Activites of the Pay roll. You can see the status of pay roll in this record. You can change the status of pay roll manually here.( tcode PA03).
7. What is meant by retroactive accounting?
Ans) Running pay roll from a previosus date. if you dont do any thing in the system, the system will take the Earliest Retoactive account date stored In Pay roll staus Infotype that 003.
8. How do you create customized ITs? What is the no. range for customer specific ITs?
Ans) It can be done through PM01 and the range is 9000 to 9999
9. What are day types? How many day types exist? What are they? Where do you configure them?
Ans) The day type determines the payment relevance for a day and the relevancy of the day for calculating attendancesthe for each day of DWS. 0,(work paid) 1-- Off--paid 2--Off--unpaid 3 off--special day and 4 to 9 are customer specific are the days types, They configured in after Work schedules in TM.
10. What is a counting rule?
Ans) Counting rules ar rules used to count absences and special attendances.
11. What is absence type?
Ans ) Absence types are nothing but leave type, Basing on the type Absence Type, pay roll is affected.
12. How do you configure absence? Give an example.
Ans) In Time record administration you will have to configure the absences.firstyou group the employees for the absences and configure the different absences in the next screen.
13. What is absence quota type?
Ans) Absence quota is the quota up to which an employee can be absent from work. Generally sickness leave, Annual leave, Casual leave etc are types of absence Quotas whci vary according to ESGs.
14. What are the features you used in benefits?
Ans) Common Features Used in benefits:
P0167.defaulting screens for IT0167..
P0168 defaulting screens for IT0168
P0169 defaulting screens for IT 0169
P0170 defaulting screens for IT170
P0171 defaulting screens for 0171
P0172 defaulting screens for IT 0172
15. How many health plans have you configured, what are they?
Ans) This is always your choice.but general names are
- Health Dental Plan
- Medical Plan fro children
- Health Medical Plan 2
- Medical plan with Partner
- Medical plan for Singles
16. What are the most important ITs in benefits?
Ans) - General Benefits Information 0171
- Adjustment Reasons I 0378
- Health Plans 0167
- Insurance Plans 0168
- Savings Plans 0169
- Stock Purchase Plans 0379
- Credit Plans 0236
- Miscellaneous Plans 0377
- Retirement Plan Cumulations 0602
- Retirement Plan Cumulations 0602)
- Retirement Plan Valuation Results 0565
- Benefits Medical Data 0376
17. List the applicant actions in recruitment.
18. What is the feature used for Personnel Administrator. What group should you use in that?
19. What are the IT's used in NUMKR? (I said NUMKR is associated with Org. Assgnmt.)
Ans) Its for defaulting No range in IT 0000,0002,0001,0006,007,0008,0009 etc .Infact this feature enable to default no range in all the ITs of Hiring infogroup which again customized on clients specifications.
20. What is an applicant group?
Ans) An Applicant Group(AG) is used to group together applicants on the basis of the type of work relationship for which they have applied for example,permanent employees , temporary employees, Casual workers etc,.. TheApplicant Class is a characteristic of the AG.Theapplicantclassindicates whether the applicant is internal (class *P*) or external (class *AP). The required configuration has to be done for the groups.*
21. What is an unsolicited applicant group?
Ans) the group of Applicants who have applied without any advertisement or requirement from the company.(the best example is , these days, most of the job seekers, go to companys URL and and load their cv details.. these details get stored as UNSOLICITED APPICANTS in the Companys Intranet.
22. What is the t.code for authroizations?
Ans) PFCG for roles authorizations and SU01 for creating Users
23. Differentiate between Payroll area and payscale area.
Ans) Pay roll area indicates the group of employees for whom pay roll is run together, Pay scale area iis geographical are or groups of employees for whom a particular CAP is Valid.
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