Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Job Openings @JDA CoE: Bangalore/Hyderabad

Any body having any IT faq's any material on any technologies and any body having there companies walkins kindly forward to this ID softwarewalkins@gmail.com it will help to need people

Job Location:

Bangalore/ Hyderabad, India

Job Title:

IN-Lead Project

Technical Writer; Sr

Software Engineer; Int

Lead Project

Lead Project

Software Engineer, Int

Technical Architect

Software Engineer,Senior

Business Strategist

Tracking Code:

600759 - Bangalore

601118 - Hyderabad

601006 - Hyderabad

601053 - Hyderabad

600772 - Hyderabad

600895 - Bangalore

601094 - Hyderabad

601010 – Hyderabad

600823 - Bangalore

Required Skills:

Please refer Career website for more details

Relevant Work Experience:

Please refer Career website for more details

Position Type:


Referral Bonus:

Please refer Employee Referral Bonus Policy (Conditions apply)

Referral Policy Document:

jNET > Human Resources Document > CoE Programs and Policies

Refer now:


HR Contact:

Andrew Solomon(Bangalore)/Aravinda Kumar(Hyderabad) | andrew.solomon@jda.com/aravinda.kumar@jda.com | +91.80.3028.8660/+91.40.4008.1012


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