Thursday, June 21, 2012

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 Any company or any consultancy Need the Experienced or Fresher IT professional Resume please send the mail to us from your official mail id to this mail id 

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Jitendra Jadav MCA


Ø  Over 3+ Years of experience and expertise in Microsoft Technology. Worked as Analyst, DB Designer and Developer last 3.5 years I am working WPF, Silverlight and windows phone 7.5.
Ø  Expertise in .Net development like WPF Applications, Silverlight Application, Mobile Application (Phone 7.5), WCF and Asp.Net Web Applications.
Ø  Expertise in databases like MS SQL Server 2008R2, MS Access. Good troubleshooting knowledge for Application performance.
Ø  Also dealing with project R&D.


To seek an opportunity for professional growth and responsibilities in your organization, where team spirit and skills are recognized and rewarded.

Educational Details

Month &Year of Passing
Shree Swaminarayan College of Com.Science.
Bhavnagar University

K.B.Parekh College of Com. Science.
Bhavnagar University
Seth M.N High school Mahuva.
J.P Parekh High School
58 %


ü  Trustworthy, Quick learner
ü  Inexhaustible stamina for work
ü  Ability to beat the deadline, not to meet the deadline
ü  Willing to learn anything at any time.


ü  Languages  : C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0,  JavaScript,
JAVA, C, C++
ü  Database    :  SQL server 2008R2 , MS-Access,Oracle8i-9i
ü  Pattern        :  Mvvm Light
ü  Methodologies :  Agile Scrum
ü  Model          :  Entity Framwork Model
ü  Reporting    :  Microsoft Local Report Service, Crystal Reports
ü  Platforms    :  Windows family
ü  Concept       : SE, SAD, Operation Research Techniques, Silverlight, WPF
ü  Web Servers: Internet Information Services

Extra Certification:

ü  Certification of Hardware Engineering from Alix System Bhavnagar
ü  Certification of National Level of  NSS 
ü  Certification of IRDA(Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority)          
ü  Certification of Impact Foundation of  U.K. in 2000-2001.(IPPI) 


ü  Currently working at Spectraforce Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune since October, 2011.
ü  One and half Year of Experience at Alpha Finsoft Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai since April, 2010.
ü  One Year of Experience at NeuroSpeech Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai January, 2009.          
ü  4 month of Experience at Indies Services Pvt. Ltd., Bhavnagar as a Software Developer. Date From June, 2008 to October 2008.      


v  L.A.LIVE  (
o   Technology/Tools: VS-2010,C#, WP7.5 (MvvmLight), Silverlight
o   Team Size:4
o   Duration: 3 months(still continue)
o   Role: Architecture design, Design and Styling, Coding, Bug Solving Troubleshooting,


The objective of this application is to provide L.A. LIVE patrons ongoing visibility to promotions & events, a points & rewards system, an augmented reality experience, and exclusive content.

L.A.LIVE is basically entertainment service provider company, which is has so many movie theater, hotel, restaurant, special events, offers and social networking where user can share his/her location as well event and movie.

This is completely Los Angeles related service we are showing multiple of option to the user where user can see theater, hotel, restaurant, special events, offers and social networking.
There are 3 options to login with L.A.LIVE. List of Modules:
1.      Play
2.      Eat & Stay
3.      Virtual L.A. Live (Augmented Reality tour, triggering and Photo Share)
4.      Check In(Share & Checked In through Facebook and Twitter)
5.      More
Ø  Modules

1.   Play
o   Multiple options of events just like Today, Featured, Movie, Sports, Entertainment and Music those are option shows the list of item and once user will tap any of item it will show whole information about this record with option of Sharing and Check In using Facebook as well Twitter, also information contain a View Map where user can see the place location, using map as well static image.
o   Movie section will have a functionality to show the list of show of particular movie and Buy Ticket online if show is full then it says sorry to say show is full.

2.   Eat & Stay
o   Eat & stay same as above functionality but it will show you the hotel and restaurant related information.

3.   Virtual L.A. Live
o   Selecting Live Reality will launch the camera to start the Live Tour feature
o   Users can select between Tour and Marker mode
o   Using the user’s GPS location and compass direction, different informational overlays will be displayed to highlight the various venues in L.A. LIVE

4.   Check In
o   Check In Basically same but, it shows the list of events of current data as well event should be within 1 miles.

5.   More
o   Application will have a module called Rewards that enables users to check and redeem points for content, merchandise, and other offers.
o   The user will see their total number of points displayed.
o   The primary screen for the Rewards module will display a wall of badges that are earned for special tasks or actions. More badges can be added in future updates. Until these badges are unlocked, they will remain grayed out. Tapping on each locked badge will show a pop up with a description on how to earn the badge. When the badge is earned, show the full graphic for the badge. If a badge can be earned multiple times, also show a number to indicator the number of times that badge has been earned.
Once user can logged in then he have a main page where he can see events, hotel and all the stuff so user can select any particular event and share it to twitter as well Facebook,
So once user checked into Facebook then there is provision where user can earn badges
And he can see his leaderboard how many badges he earn, also L.A. LIVE provide to send email and sms.

v  TigrNet (

o   Technology/Tools: VS-2010,C#,WPF(MvvmLight), Agatha Project, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Moq Framwork
o   Team Size:10
o   Duration: 4 months(still continue)
o   Role: Design and Styling, Coding, Bug Solving Troubleshooting,


TigrNet is provide the completely one go solution where patient can have all in one let say patient can watch videos he can play game he can retrieve Facebook RSS feed and post the status this not only patient can do this but also nurse can also see the status of the patient and also doctor can add some metadata and doctor can see the which nurse is assign to which ward and all. List of modules.
1.      Bed Registration
2.      Facebook
3.      YouTube
4.      Info Widget
5.      Questionnaires
6.      ToDoList

TigrNet is the USA no.1 healthcare solution

Ø  Modules

2.   YouTube
o   This provides a way for patients to access YouTube while in the hospital
o   YouTube API version 2.1
o   The user is not able to log into YouTube (no OAuth required)
o   The user is only able to view videos (not manage account settings etc.)
o   A Web Browser object will be used to display the URL that shows just the embedded player using an AS3 embedded player
o   When playing a video the video will automatically start
o   Navigation will be Pillow speaker only navigation (excluding search)
o   The player should be able to view (Top Rated video, Most Viewed Videos, Search for Videos)
o   After viewing a video a listing of suggested/related videos should be displayed
o   This control will have direct access to the internet
This control will be hosted in its own project
·         Navigation:
o   Pillow Speaker/PS Emulator: (Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, Back)
o   Mouse Click Navigation:
·         Exceptions:
o   Several errors can be returned by the YouTube API these errors need to be handled property and may need to have an exception message sent
6.   Facebook
This provides a way for patients to access their Facebook while in the hospital
o   Allows patient to access the following from Facebook
o   Login to their Facebook using OAuth 2.0
o   Post a Status
o   View their News Feed
o   View Profiles
o   View Pictures
o   Patient or Application can log out of Facebook and the next time they open Facebook they will need to sign in but they will not need to authorize the application again
o   Authorization should be stored until the application restarts or a message telling the application about a discharge is received
o   Graph API and FQL are used where appropriate (Rest API is not used)
7.   Info widget

Provides the current weather for reference by the patient
v  MoneyCube Plus (

o   Technology/Tools: VS-2010,C#,WPF,Silverlight
o   Team Size:6
o   Duration: 18 months
o   Role: Database Normalizing, Application Analysis, Design, Coding, Bug Solving, Troubleshooting, Performance tuning. 
o   MoneyCubePlus: Money Cube Plus is a personal finance management product. The software provides various packages like.
1.      Money Manager
2.      Transaction Manager
3.      Budget Manager
4.      Heath Manager
5.      Portfolio Manager
6.      E-Library
MoneyCube Plus is provide the way to consolidate users bank statement, broker statement, mutual fund statement In on go so user can see his data with updated record. For eg. User got the bank statement to his email id so the moneycube plus is provide facility to retrieve mail from his email id and parse into relevant bank so user can see his consolidated data.

Ø  Modules

1.      Mail Manager
Mail Manager is a MailClient of MoneyCubePlus Which is provided the functionality like. Downloading mail using IMAP and POP3
Once Mail has been download then user say where he/her want to parse it that means user select the related bank or any institute where they can relate and say parse the statement will automatically parse and user can see his statement manager’s balance as well as user also can see his portfolio and wealth the value automatically reconsolidate to all the places.

2.      Mutual Fund
Mutual fund provide the functionality of configure his/her Account and also manually and automatically add the traction. Also user can see his/her portfolio as well as wealth. There are two types of view user can seeing the Scheme wise summary and mutual funds house wise summary.

3.      Health Tracker

Basically we are the same module in the Desktop application so one of the most significant features is how to Sync both module for e.g. Health Tracker in Phone7 and Desktop application so user want to CRUD operation in biderction so the Sync is done here.

o   Technology/Tools : VS-2010, C#, Silverlight Phone 7.5
o   Team Size : 1
o   Duration : 1 (month)
o   Role : Application Analysis, Design, Coding, bug solving, Trouble solving, Performance tuning
o   Heath Tracker: Health tracker is a Tracker which is keep track of user how many height of user at certain period of time one record has been added to the users mobile so user can see his/her height as a grid view and graphics view.

v  UIAtoms (WPF & Silverlight Controls)

o   Technology/Tools: VS-2010,C#,WPF,Silvelight
o   Team Size:2
o   Duration: 4 months
o   Role: Application Analysis, Design, Coding, Bug Solving, Troubleshooting
o    UIAtoms is same as WPF Controls but, it is use for LOB data so that user can easy and speedy develop data application. It is also you can say codeless programming compare to any other control.

v  SmartFX

o   Technology/Tools: VS-2010,C#,Silvelight
o   Team Size:1
o   Duration: 4 months(still continue)
o   Role: Application Analysis, Design, Coding, Bug Solving, Troubleshooting
o   Smart FX: Smart FX is Photo Editing software. Basically this software is use for photo editor which is contain a facility of creating a blank sheet and adding image template according to the requirement and save it as template. Once this process has been done editor can add photo delete it rotate it and also zoom In zoom out. The main function is to set brightness and auto adjust image. Database using Isolation Storage and Image editing is done through pixel shaddering. 

v  InsureMAX  (Insurance Calculator)

o   Technology/Tools: WPF 3.5, VB.Net, VS 2008,Flex 
o   Team Size: 2
o   Duration: 1 months
o   Role: Coding, Bug Solving, Troubleshooting. It Insurance Calculator use to take data from the user and give the finally output how much he want to take policy so user can live it’s life as flexible up to end.

v  Attendance  Management System (Company product)

o   Technology/Tools: WPF 3.5, VB.Net, SQL Server 2005, C#, Visual Studio 2008.
o   Team Size: 1
o   Duration: 1 Month
o   Role : Application Analysis, Design, Coding, Bug Solving, Troubleshooting
o   A Desktop application for Company resources like attendance, leave application, email information and journal reporting like monthly salary calculation and yearly total salary.

v  Dynamic Compiled Object Relational Database(DCORDs)

o   Technology/Tools: C#.Net, Studio 2008
o   Team Size: 3
o   Duration: 5 months
o   Role: Internal understanding, Coding, Testing Sample.
o   DCORD (Dynamically Compiled Object Relational Database) system is next generation high performance database system to take advantages of .NET based object oriented architecture and dynamic compilation features.
o   Traditional SQL based systems are interpretations in nature, thus involving high marshaling, logic transformation costs.


Jitendra Jadav
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