Thursday, March 29, 2012

Corrected: Friends for Hire:Need Deveoplers(0-3 yrs exp) for ADM-Dell IT in BLR and HYD

FREE Resume posting for the Job Seekers in this site, (This site is like monster and naukri type) you can send your resume from  all over the world  with experience and qualification dont send the projects and personal details please write the heading ex: 3+ years of expe in IT to this mail id it is open database of the resumes if any objections dont send your resume. all over the world 

FREE Job Requirement posting on Please forward to

 Do you have any material in any Technology in IT please send the soft copy to this mail id

Do you any 

IT Interview Questions Please send your questions to us our readers will give the answers

send your questions to send the answers to same email id

Corrected: Friends for Hire:Need Deveoplers(0-3 yrs exp) for ADM-Dell IT in BLR and HYD
Getting paid is one of them. Right now, you can make this an even more inspiring place to work by referring your most talented friends to Dell. With opportunity for personal, technological and professional development around every corner, they have a lot to gain from a career here. And so do you.
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Here is the REQ (multiple) where are looking for you to refer your friends to
Requisition Number
Job Title
Job Specific/Requirements
Software Development Analyst
Bangalore & Hyderabad
0 - 3+ year experience as a developer. Skills Required are .NET 4.0 / ASP.NET / C# / Java /Pl Sql/ SSRS
*These are positions we are not currently hiring for, but being used to build a pipeline of candidates. Please share this with your friends when referring them.
To refer a friend, do the following
1.       Check the online portal here (dell portal link here). Use the requisition numbers in the respective search box to locate the positions easily.
2.      Review the job description of the requisition you want to refer your friends for.
3.       Click the link on the right hand side of the page which says ‘Refer a Friend’.
4.       Make sure you put in as much information as possible on the referral candidate. The more there is, the easier it is for the recruiter to accurately review the profile.
5.       To know what referral amount you are entitled to review the table here (dell portal link here) . Click on ‘Learn More’ below to know more about the ERP program.
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