Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exciting opportunities for Networking engineers HCL Refer your friends to new career opportunities

Refer your friends to new career opportunities
at San Jose, CA

Dear HCLite,

The Talent Management Group invites you to refer suitable candidates for the career opportunity mentioned below.

POSITION: Network Processor Lead
Ø 8 –10 years software engineering experience
Ø Experienced with one or more network processors, with good knowledge of network processor operations

Ø Has experience implementing device drivers
Ø Hardware initialization and bring-up

Ø Experience with real-time operating system
Ø Diagnostics and other system level tool development

Ø Experience with software development kits of commercial network processors

Ø Working experience on Linux and VxWorks kernel is a plus

Ø A strong background in In-Service-Software-Upgrade and other High Availability aspects

Ø Strong OS concepts, preferably worked in areas of process/thread, memory management, interrupts, SMP concurrency, DMA, IO and caching

Ø Experience in traffic management and QOS implementation (classification, marking, policing, shaping)

Ø Chassis management: line modules, fan, power supply, temperature monitoring

Ø Familiarity with board-level bus standards such as PCI(e), i2c etc.


TERMS: Full-time position with HCL America



Before you send in your referrals, please ensure that the referred candidates:

Ø Are present in the United States currently, and are willing to relocate to the work location.

Ø Should be willing to join HCL America as full-time employees.

Ø Must have a valid work status—they should be US citizens/GC Holders/EAD/H1/TN Visa holders.

Please upload the resumes on Insider Edge at against the Job Reference numbers mentioned above.

In case of access issues with Insider Edge, email the resume(s) to Ramkumar Sampath with the Job Reference Number in the subject.

Please do not change the subject line while sending in the resumes for this requirement.


Corporate HR

Note: All referral claims against these positions will be covered as per terms of Employee Referral Scheme in Natasha.:
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