Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Test Location : OIST bhopal
Posted By : Preeti Bhute(ASCT)
Hello, This is preeti.It was a open campus drive.I have gone through all the rounds of syntel & by the grace of God I have been selected in syntel. I am here giving u the pattern of question paper & questions asked in interviewes.
There are 3 rounds in syntel:
1:Written test paper with eassy writting
2:HR(elimination round)
3:Technical inter.
Written::50 questions for 45 minutes
Q1 to Q5 Analogy
Eg 1Hourse:Mare::Husband:?
options:: wife,daughter.......etc
2 ) Doct.:treatment::advocate:? Like this
further they have given some jumbled letters and we have to put that into a correct sequence
Eg: KAAABHSR =43335126
options: 12345633
51324363(Correct option)=(Ans BHASKARA)
Next 5 questions : a puzzle was given :
Puzzle: There r 6 teachers ABCDE & a&b is teaching history &english b&c is teaching maths&hindi & so on...................
Q: How many teachers r teaching maths?
Q: How many r taking more than 2 subjects? etc (Easy but concentrate with time management)
Next 5 questions were from aptitude:
Time &Work(Go through R.S Agarwal) easy but Logic must me clear to U
Next10 Q were the tabulation Problem similar to one given in the R.S Agarwal(Go through it)
Fill in the blanks(3-4Q)
Fill with appropriate articles.
Vocab: a word was given & we have to choose from the given options its opposite or its related meaning(Little vocab Powerrequired)
After this 10 minutes were given to us for eassy writting.
Results were announced after 6 hrs & out of 1300 students 200 students were shortlisted for HR round
Advice ::Go through all the core questn.
q asked to me:
SHE: Speak about UR self for 1 min.
She: Tell me UR biggest strength U feel proud with
I: told
She: Biggest weakness
I: told
she :told me to discuss the topic given for eassy
She: Askedfor queries
To my some friends other questions asked were Talk abt UR hairstyle
What will u do if U will be given the powers similar to God for 1 day? etc Depends
Lots of people got eliminaed from HR
There were 2 panels 4 technical inter. They had our written test paper with them .My interviewer asked me 2 solve the questions from written test paper
I: Good afternoon sir.
He: Stood up & shaked hands with me & introduced himself.
He: Have a seat preeti
Checked my resume & all the certificates.Futher he asked me to solve the Q from written test paper.
Further he helped in a q i was uncomfortable with & given me another q similar to that also asked me some more Q to related logic.He asked me about my teachnical skills & asked me 1Q from loops.He also asked for questions 4 him. Again he shaked hands with me & said "Preeti looking forward to see U at pune".
SoI had a strong hope for my result.The interviewers were so polite & cooperative just B what U R.final selections were 51 out of 200.
Never ever loose UR heart .GOD is great & their is always a second oppurtunity.(It was my 5th campus) "ALL THE BEST"
Ok bye see u at SYNTEL (consider IT done)

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