Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teradata Interview question set(with no answers)

•How to improve performance of the query?
•Explain Primary Index and how do we select that?
•What is skew factor?
•What is difference between Role, Priveledge and profile?
•What are different spaces in Teradata and difference?
•If your Skew factor is going up. What are remedies?
•When, How and why we use Secondry Indexes?
•What is difference between Primary Key and Primary Index?
•What is difference between database and user in Teradata. what are the things you can do or can not do in both?
•What is Checkpoint?
•When do you use BTEQ. What other softwares have you used or can we use rather than BTEQ?
•How many type of files have you loaded and their differences. (Fixed and Variable)?
•How do you execute your jobs in Teradata Environment?
•What was the environment of your latest project (Number of Amps, Nodes, Teradata Server Number etc)?
•What is difference between Multiload, FastLoad and TPUMP?
•What is the process to restart the multiload if it fails?
•How does indexing improve query performance?
•what are the different functions you do in BTEQ (Errorcode, ErrorLevel, etc)?
•What are different types of joins?
•What does COALESCE do in Teradata?
•what is difference between ZEROIFNULL and NULLIFZERO?
•What is Range_N?
•Explain PPI
•What is Casting in Teradata?
•What is difference between UNION and MINUS?
•What are the types of tables in Teradata?
•Can we have an unconnected lkp to lookup a DB2 record against a Teradata record?
•What is the diffrence between Multiload & Fastload interms of Performance?
•How does indexing improve query performance?
•How can we build data marts from FSLDM. is there any standard approach for this?Is FSLDM supports place ?
•Does SDLC changes when you use Teradata instead of Oracle?
•What is a common data source for the central enterprise data warehouse?
•What are two examples of an OLTP environment?
•In which phase of the Active Data Warehouse evolution do you use data to determine what will happen?
•what is the difference between start schma and Fsldm?
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