Monday, October 27, 2014

Telugu Hindi English Movies Showing in the Nellore DISTRICT 28th Oct 2014

We are Requesting Theater owners, Movie Lovers, All Hero Fans  please send the your movie name, Theater Name  and show timings and Next Change also  to us we will update in this site  send Email to us

Theater Location Movie Show time
S2 Multyplex Screen-2 Nellore Govindudu Andarivadele 11:25,2:35,6:10,9:30
Murari Nayudupeta Govindudu Andarivadele 10:00,1:00,7:00,10:00
Aruna Kota Govindudu Andarivadele 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Latha Kavali Govindudu Andarivadele 10:00,1:00,4:00,7:00
Navarang Muthukuru Govindudu Andarivadele 3:00,7:00,10:00
Sundara mahal Guduru Govindudu Andarivadele 9:30,12:30,6:30,9:30
Rajkishore Buchireddypalem Agadu 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Sangam Guduru Agadu 9:30,12:30,6:30,9:30
Narthaki Nellore Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
N2 Multyplex Screen-2&3 Nellore Pooja 11:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Manava Kavali Pooja 11:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Devatha Mahal Vinjamuru Pooja 11:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
N2 Multyplex Screen-3 Nellore Power 3:10,6:45,10:10
Ramraj Kota Power 12:00,2:45,7:00,9:30
Naj Buchireddypalem Power 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Screen-1 Leelamahal Nellore Oka Laila Kosam 9:45,12:45,6:45,9:45
Sravanthi Kavali Oka Laila Kosam 9:45,12:45,6:45,9:45
CS Teja Nayudupeta Oka Laila Kosam 10:00,1:00,7:00,10:00
Skindar Picturepalace Udayagiri Oka Laila Kosam 11:00,3:00,9:00
Surya Delux Vinjamuru Oka Laila Kosam 11:00,3:00,7:00, 10:00
Siri Multyplex screen-2 Nellore Boochamma Boochodu 8:30
Siri Multyplex screen-3 Nellore Bang Bang 10:00,1:00,7:00,10:00
Leelamahal Vinjamuru Bang Bang 10:00,1:00,7:00,10:00
Lakshmipriya Vinjamuru Bang Bang 10:00,1:00,7:00,10:00
Venkateswara Kavali Karthikeya 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Spandana Kavali Happy New Year 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Siri Multyplex screen-1 Nellore Pavanisam 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Screen-1  Nellore Loukyam 1:10,10:00
Screen-2 Nellore Loukyam 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Archana Nellore Loukyam 9:30,12:30,6:30,9:30
Sreenivasateja Guduru Loukyam 9:30,12:30,6:30,9:30
Sai Mahal Kavali Loukyam 9:45,12:45,6:45,9:45
Sreenivasateja Guduru Anukshanam Ammailu Jagratta 9:30,12:30,6:30
Jameela Buchireddypalem Anukshanam Ammailu Jagratta 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Siri 1 Nellore Dikkulu Chudaku Ramayyo 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Siri 2 Nellore Romiyo 10:00
Sreenivasa Nayudupeta Romiyo 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
CV Guduru Romiyo 12:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Siri 2 Nellore Patasala 12:35,3:20,7:00
Sangam Guduru Rabhasa 9:30,12:30,6:30,9:30
Sreenivasa Nayudupeta Rabhasa 10:00,1:00,7:00,10:00
Tribhuvani Venkatagiri Galipatam 10:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Vanimahal Muthukuru Galipatam 3:00,7:00,10:00
Bramarambha Venkatagiri Nuvvala Nenila 10:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Jyothimahal Venkatagiri Alludu Seenu 10:00,3:00,7:00,10:00
Ramakrishna Atmakuru Autonagar Surya 10:30,3:00,7:00,10:00
Sreenivasa Atmakuru Rarakrishnaiah 10:30,3:00,7:00,10:00
New takies Nellore Krishnababu 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Vinayaka Nellore Krishnababu 12:00,3:00,6:45,9:45
Raghavendra Atmakuru Andagatte O boyfriend 10:30,3:00,7:00,10:00
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