Monday, October 27, 2014

Telugu Hindi English Movies Showing in the kRISHNA Districts 27th Oct 2014

We are Requesting Theater owners, Movie Lovers, All Hero Fans  please send the your movie name, Theater Name  and show timings and Next Change also  to us we will update in this site  send Email to us

Theater Location Movie Show time
Vinayak Machilipatnam Govindudu Andarivadele 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Bhaskar 70 MM Gudivada Govindudu Andarivadele 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Satyanarayana Nuziveedu Govindudu Andarivadele 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Kamal takies Challapalli Govindudu Andarivadele 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Bhavana Kunchikacherla Govindudu Andarivadele 11:00,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sriram Vinsannapeta Govindudu Andarivadele 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Deepak Uyyuru Govindudu Andarivadele 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
KS Takies Hanuman Junction Govindudu Andarivadele 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Sri Ramaraju Machilipatnam Oka Laila Kosam 11:00,2:00,6:15,9:30
Sreeram Gudivada Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Sai Krupa Jaggayyapeta Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Komala Takies Challapalli Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Dwaraka Nuziveedu Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Mayuri Nandigama Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:00
Vijayalakshmi Kaikaluru Oka Laila Kosam 11:00,2:15,6:15,9:15
Srikrishna Tiruvuru Oka Laila Kosam 11:00,2:00,6:00,9:15
Narayana Mailavaram Oka Laila Kosam 11:00,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sri Sreenivas Vinsannapeta Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sivaram Pamurru Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Santhi Uyyuru Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Srikrishna Hanuman Junction Oka Laila Kosam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Santhi Gannavaram Oka Laila Kosam 11:00,2:00,6:15,9:30
Sri venkateswara Machilipatnam Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Sarath Gudivada Pooja 11:15,2:30,6:30,9:30
Venkataramana Kaikaluru Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Tirumala Nuziveedu Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sri venkateswara Tiruvuru Pooja 11:00,2:00,6:00,9:15
Lakshmi Prasanna Nandigama Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Nataraj Jaggayyapeta Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Purnima Mudinepalli Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Gaganmahal Pamurru Pooja 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Bommarillu Mini Gudivada Karthikeya 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sangamitra Mailavaram Karthikeya 11:00,2:30,6:30,9:30
Venkatarama Tiruvuru Karthikeya 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Kamala Jaggayyapeta Karthikeya 11:00,2:30,6:30,9:30
Mini Satyanarayana Nuziveedu Karthikeya 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Vijaya takies Nandigama Karthikeya 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sri venkateswara Gannavaram Karthikeya 11:00,2:00,6:15,9:30
Sreenivasa Uyyuru Itlu Prematho 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Sirikrishna Machilipatnam Happy New Year 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:30
Bhaskar 95 MM Gudivada Happy New Year 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Venkateswara Penuganchiprolu Happy New Year 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
New palace Tiruvuru Happy New Year 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Balaji Gudivada I am in Love 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sriram santhi Machilipatnam Rajamahal 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Venkateswara Hanuman Junction Bang Bang 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Sirivenkat Machilipatnam Agadu 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Bommarillu 70 MM Gudivada Agadu 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Venkatasai Kanchikacherla Agadu 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:30
Brundavan Machilipatnam Loukyam 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:30
Sri Bramha Gudivada Loukyam 11:30,2:25,6:30,9:30
Sai mahal Uyyuru Loukyam 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:30
Mini Revathi Machilipatnam Dikkulu Chudaku Ramayyo 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:00
Anand Gudivada Dikkulu Chudaku Ramayyo 11:30,2:30,6:25,9:25
Revathi Machilipatnam Power 11:30,2:30,6:00,9:30
Sagar Challapalli Power 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Srilakshmi Gudivada Pawanisam 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
Sreenivasa Kanchikacherla Rabhasa 11:30,2:30,6:30,9:30
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