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Resume of Veerabhadrudu Any company or any consultancy Need the Experienced or Fresher IT professional Resume please send the mail to us from your official mail id to this mail id softwarewalkins@gmail.com

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 Any company or any consultancy Need the Experienced or Fresher IT professional Resume please send the mail to us from your official mail id to this mail id softwarewalkins@gmail.com 

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                                                    NAME: P. Veerabhadrudu

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Career objective:
Seeking Challenging and growth oriented position where my technical skills can be best utilized and where my skills and knowledge is to show best.
Academic Qualifications:
Institution of Study
Board  (or)  University
Year of Passing
% of marks obtained
Vaagdevi institute of technology &science proddatur.

Sri Jayasree Junior College, Proddatur.
Board Of Intermediate Education.
Modern High School, Proddatur.
Secondary Board Of Education.

Technical Skills:
Programming Languages                                  :      C, C++ & C#.NET.
Web Technologies                                            :      HTML, JAVASCRIFT&ASP.NET.
IDE TOOL                                           :      Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/10.
Operating Systems                               :      WINDOWS XP.
RDBMS                                               :     Oracle 11g.
Ø  I played “CRICKET” district and University level matches and I got more awards.
Ø  I presented a IEEE paper “CARBON NANOTUBES AS A LOUD SPEAKER” in my college, I got a third prize.
Ø  I actively participated in “NATIONAL SOCIAL SERVICES” programs.
Personal Skills: 
Ø  Update myself regularly new technologies.
Ø  Good Communication & Presentation Skills.
Ø  I have good problem solving and listening skills.
Ø  I have a strong work ethic & desire for success.
Ø  Ability to work in team & work in pressure.
Ø  Sincere, honest, responsible & strong Analytical skills.

Academic Project:

Title:  A Wavelet based de-noising of EEG signal to correct ocular artifact.

AIM: The project investigates a wavelet based de-noising of the electroencephalogram (EEG) signal to correct for the presence of the ocular orticraft.
                This project demonstrates the potential of the proposed technique for successful OA correction .The advantage over conventional methods is that there is no need for the recording of the electrooculogram (EOG) signal itself. The approach works both for eye blinks and eye movements. Hence, there is no need to discriminate between different artifacts. To allow for a proper comparison, the contaminated EEG signals as well as the corrected signals are presented together with their corresponding power spectra.

Gate Pass Management System:                                                                               

The main objective of the “Gate Pass Management System for Materials Movement “is to make the overall manual system of issuing gate pass efficient and faster. An employee or customer who has to take the materials in and out of ECIL has to obtain a gate pass form duly signed by the respective authorized person. For years, this process is being done manually wherein the security person after confirming that the gate passes have been signed by the authorized and CISF person (Central Industrial Security Force) issues the gate passes. All this process saps out the energy of employee or customer. Also since human presence is felt at every stage of the project the possibility of human errors is high. These types of mistakes prove fatal to the organization. By making the gate pass system computerized, issuing of gate passes has become easy and convenient. The application is built on ASP.NET and C#.
·         Implemented the core application in ASP.Net and C#, which involved deep level interaction with Database for retrieving and binding information.
·         Generated UML Class and Sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
·         Involved in Interaction with the business client to get their requirements. Involved in preparing Project Documentation and helped in preparing Test Plans.
·         Developed Client-side script using JavaScript and Server-side script using C#. Used JavaScript extensively for validation and also for dynamic hiding and display of controls. Also, worked on generating Dynamic HTML for tables.
·         Database transactions were effectively used with the help of data objects like command, data reader etc. Implemented stored procedures for accessing and retrieving the data from the database. Worked on Data Reader, Datasets, Data Tables and Data View for database interactions.
·         This is an n-tiered application that involved business layer, data access layer and the front end. Implemented the database access layer using C# and ADO.NET.
·         Used ASP.Net Web Server controls like Data Grid, Repeater, and Dropdown List to display the records in Multicolumn grid. Customized columns by implementing Hyperlink Column to pass multiple queries to new pages. Used and developed User Controls, which were general purpose controls like dropdown list and Text Box with some predefined characteristics.
·         Improved performance by using Caching the data that was taking more time to retrieve. Exception handling was done thoroughly.

Technologies Used:
ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000, ADO.NET, JavaScript, DHTML, and Rational Rose

Personal Profile:

         FULL NAME                               :               PANJAGALA VERABHADRUDU.

               I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.

PLACE:  Hyderabad.


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