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 Any company or any consultancy Need the Experienced or Fresher IT professional Resume please send the mail to us from your official mail id to this mail id 

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Shrawan Kumar Chaubey

To perform well in a challenging environment that offers scope for personal and   professional   growth and in the process, contribute my best to the organization.

A Brief Overview:

§  Strong ability & willingness to learn and grow in a team environment through hard and smart work.
  • Pragmatic and competent application engineer with strong communication, presentation and problem solving skills.
§  Exceptionally well organized, high Initiative, strong work ethic and a  quickly adapting to new technologies.


B.Tech (ECE)
 IMPS CET, Malda,
West Bengal University of Technology
       79.60 %
       65.00 %
       75.00 %


§   Stood First in College Group Discussions.
§   Participated in math Olympiad in class IX

Software Proficiency:

§  Programming Language            : C ,Asp.Net,  Core Java
§  Database                                :,My Sql, SQLite
§  Oracle tools                            : PL/SQL Developer
§  Operating system                    : Windows XP,
§  Mobility                                      : Android OS using Android SDK
§  Tools                                          :Eclipse IDE (3.6), MS office 2003
§  Web technologies                        : html
§  Major Subject                           : Basic electronic, Microprocessor

Android Project1: London Olympics

Environment          : Android 2.2, JAVA, UI(XML) and Eclipse.
Team size               : 3
Role and Responsibility: Design and backend coding  of the project.

Description            : This Application shows the overview of the games and their currently                                                                              champion and the various record made by the players.

Android Project: 2:  Gowdanar Professionals Gateway System(2012)

Environment         : Android 2.2, JAVA, Mysql and Eclipse.
Team size              : 4
Role and Responsibility:   Designing the different layout and content of xml part.
Description           : Gowdanar Technologies wants to link Professionals and Academic to the Teaching needs of Students. The aim to build a “gateway” which will assist Professionals to access a “Catalogue” of Services. Based on the kind of Catalogue Chosen, the Professionals can view the Course and Syllabus and express their intention to participate. Participation will be done through a selection and a document generation. The whole application will be hosted on Gowdanar Website and should be accessed using an Android based Tablet or Smart Phone. The Application will link to standard services like mail, messaging, alerts.

Android Project:3 Kids Zoo

Environment           : Android 2.2, JAVA, UI and Eclipse.
Team size                : 4
Role and Responsibility: Design and searching the different data for this project.

Description              : Kids Zoo is a fun package to learn The Animal World for little toddlers.                                                A fun application for toddlers to recognize animals & their Sounds. When you hear the                         sounds you yourself will feel as if you are in a middle of jungle with animals all round.

Vocational Training:


  • Vocation Training on Microcontroller with project from Ardent Collaboration, Kolkata (WB). Year 2010 Duration()
  • Vocation Training on with project from SSI Institute, Bangalore Year: 2011 Duration   ()

Academic Project Profile:

1)      “PC to  Digital IC testing using 8051 microcontroller”

Duration: 2 months ( June’10 to August’10 )
PROJECT  OVERVIEW: This project had been developed through microcontroller. An Integrated Circuit tester (IC tester) is used to test Integrated Circuits (ICs). We can easily test any digital IC using this kind of an IC tester. For testing an IC, we need to use different hardware circuits for different ICs; like we need a particular kind of tester for testing a logic gate and another for testing flip flops or shift registers which involves more complication and time involved will also be more. So here’s an IC tester to overcome this problem. Unlike other IC testers, this is more reliable and easier since we don’t need to rig up different kind of circuits for different kind of ICs, each time we need to test them.
2)      Water Level Controller 
Project Overview – This project has been developed using different logic gate. This project work on two different mode empty and full mode. When the tank is full that time an alarm is ring and if someone not off the motor switch then after some time the switch of motor is automatically off and when the tank is empty then the same process again but this time switch is on automatically.

Personal Details:


 I hereby affirm that the above information is true and correct.

      Date                                                                          Shrawan kumar chaubey
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