Thursday, July 15, 2010

Referrals Invited for Key Positions in Application Renewal he Accenture Delivery Centers for Technology in India

Referrals Invited for Key Positions in Application Renewal
The Accenture Delivery Centers for Technology in India have been growing in
the last few years and this would not have been possible without your
contribution and active participation in the recruiting process. Talent
Scout allows us to attract the best talent in Accenture, making Accenture a
great place to work in. Refer for the following open positions and grab an
opportunity to work with your friends!
Refer now and share the Accenture advantage.
Positions in Application Renewal
Primary Skill
Profiles to be uploaded Under
4-6 yrs
Microfocus-Object Cobol Developer Suite
2-6 yrs
Microfocus-Object Cobol Developer Suite
*Please refer the attached JD for more information.
Onboard Reward Table:
General Bonus
INR 15000
Please Note:
The referral bonus will get paid along with the salary of the month
subsequent to the month in which your referral joins Accenture.
How does one Refer?
* Please visit
https://idc. com/HR/Documents /CurrentOpening. xls to view the
complete list of current open positions.
* If your friend's profile matches any of the mentioned requirements, log
on to https://india. com/talentscout
* Select the 'Solutions workforce' and upload your friend's resume.
* Once the profile is successfully uploaded - you would get an auto
generated mail with a unique CID number for the candidate.
* You can use the CID number to track the status of the referred
Talent Scout Help Desk is now part of the myRequest online portal - for all
employee queries. Should employees not find the answers to their questions
on the Accenture Portal Support and Services site, they will have the option
to initiate a request via the myRequests tool.
Please log on to the tool (https://myrequests. accenture. com<
https://myrequests. accenture. com/>), upload your query and we will respond
to you through myRequest. All your queries will be tracked, monitored and
closed to your satisfaction.
Talent Scout Team,
Delivery Centre for Technology in India
* To preserve the strong professional reputation of the Company, shared
by all employees, the Company independently verifies employment
qualifications and references for all candidates for employment. We
encourage all our employees to reinforce this message with the candidates
they refer for opportunities within Accenture.
* Please go through the Employee Referral policy available on the IDC
portal -
https://publishing. accenture. com/Policies/ HR/RecruitingHir ing/1075. htm
One will receive a CID for every successful CV upload which is a unique
number to track one's Referral candidature status. This unique number is
generated based on a few mandatory fields. If the CV already exists from
another channel, one will not receive a CID number. However, a CID
generation alone will not guarantee the credit of the referral because of a
potential mismatch in the fields which is used for uploading a CV. In case
of potential duplicate candidates the credit would go to the source which
has uploaded the profile correctly on the portal first.
"This e-mail and any attachments to it (in part or in whole the
"Communication" ) are confidential, may constitute inside information and are
for the use only of the addressee. The Communication is the property of
Accenture and its affiliates and may contain copyright material or
intellectual property of Accenture and/or any of its related entities or of
third parties. If you are not the intended recipient of the Communication
or have received the Communication in error, please notify the sender or
Accenture immediately, return the Communication (in entirety) and delete the
Communication (in entirety and copies included) from your records and
systems. Unauthorized use, disclosure or copying of this Communication or
any part thereof is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Any views
expressed in the Communication are those of the individual sender only,
unless expressly stated to be those of Accenture and its affiliates
"Accenture does not guarantee the integrity of the Communication, or that it
is free from errors, viruses or interference. "
Note: You can forward it to your friends/relatives, but somebody you know may need it.
Happy Job Hunting!!
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