Saturday, December 24, 2011

Route map Videos

HI i am requesting all the people in the world please take the videos of the route map of with cell phone camera and handy cam and with camera please add that route map video in the youtube and send that routemap video link to my mail id Foward to all your routemapvideos Youtube links to this mail id Ex. your going to goa by bus take that route map in your cell phone and post that video in youtube and send that link to me i will update that link in this site so that it will usefull to the other who want visit the goa how to go and how come it will usefull to the shops if you want to go to one airtel showroom where it is asking people and finding it is very difficult so that when you are going that showroom take the routemap in your cell phone post that one in the youtube and forward that link to me i will add that link in this site it will become the routemap video site. Thanks & Regards,
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